About HKUST Startups x Investors (SxI)

The HKUST Startups x Investors (SxI) provides an invaluable opportunity for HKUST entrepreneurs to engage directly with venture capitalists, corporate VCs, and angel investors. It will also be an exclusive networking venue for the investor community, the HKUST start-ups community, and the burgeoning innovation ecosystem at HKUST.


Target Participants

-        Startups founded by HKUST members (students, alumni, faculty and staff), in different life cycle from early stage to rapid growth stage
-      Investors at different value chain, including #43Ventures, 360 Venture, 3VS1, Alibaba Entrepreneurs Fund, Arbor Partners, Banyan Capital, Brilliant Concept International Group Limited, China Renaissance, Click Venture, CWB Start X, GE Ventures, GGV Capital, GSR Ventures, HKVAC, Hong Kong Business Angel Network Ltd., Hong Kong X-Tech Startup Platform, Imprimatur Capital, Invotech, K2VC, Lenovo VC, Nest, Olympus Capital, Pacific Capital, Polaris Capital, Radiant VC, Red Chapel Advisors, Sequoia Capital, Sow Asia, T12M Ventures Ltd, Tsing Venture, Veda Capital, WK Innovation Ltd, YunQi VC, ZhenFund etc.
-        HKUST community (students, alumni, faculty and staff) who are exploring entrepreneurship opportunities

Format and Duration

The HKUST Startups x Investors (SxI) consists of:

-       A pre-event “Investors-startups Meetup Evening” to be held about 2 weeks before the main meet up day when participating start-ups can receive valuable advice and comment from seasoned advisors and investors for reshaping and refining their ideas and materials to be used and presented in the main meet up day

-       A 1-day HKUST Startups x Investors (SxI) will bring together HKUST entrepreneurs and investors to share latest trends and opportunities. Participants will present, pitch, discuss, network and connect with investors to explore mutual interests.